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I like words that grab your attention

dashing away with chortles of glee

Words that scurry and scamper

Dashing under brittle, dead leaves

Words that blaze in the dark

flashing sparks into the frigid air

Words that sizzle

like sidewalk eggs on a sultry afternoon

Words that sprink like

raindrops in a galvanized pan

Words that swish and swoosh

like nighthawks diving for lunch (crunch)


Squawking words

like scrawny fledglings

Glistening words

like a luminous moon

Splashing words

like a surprised frog

Velvet words

like a kitten’s purr

Waddling words

like an obese hippo

Fuzzy words

like tickling fluff (sneeze)






Dab (crab)







Written sometime in 1996.

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On the way from Calgary to Canmore

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Ok, get your minds out of the gutter! And again!

Ready now?

*This* is my toy:

Ok, that’s kind of large, but you get the idea!  This is the way I am theoretically keeping myself organized.  FlyLady‘s idea of helping one’s organization (which word, by the way, my fingers want to spell with an ‘s’, despite only 2 years in Thailand compared to 29 in America) is to spend 15 minutes on a task you dislike and then go on to something else.  Or, I suppose, if you are disciplined, take another 15.  The idea is to take unpleasant jobs in small, hopefully more palatable ‘bites’, in the hope that you would actually get them done, or at least have spent 15 minutes working on them.  She calls it ‘baby steps’; it’s also known as the Japanese idea of kaizen: manageable, almost ludicrous steps toward doing something you otherwise would not do (usually by stalling, as in my case, where I can find a hundred things I *have* to do online, or, if it’s homework, suddenly develop an urge to clean the house).

So I needed a timer to help me get organized.  The problem is that I also use it for making tea, so it’s always in the wrong place.  I guess I’ll have to download one for my computer.  Then my only problem will be remembering to set it. 🙂

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I have one for-sure teaching job, very part-time (.2; an hour every day), another one probably (again, .2), and one hopefully (again, one hour every day).

I passed on my cleaning clients to a friend, and I’ve applied to be the church custodian at the church where I play the organ (my husband and I would do this jointly, depending on his class and work schedule).

I am going to start a small-business-owners group for referrals here in the Twin Cities.

I hope I will have more time than I’ve had the last three months.  June, July, and August have been truly ridiculous.  I have poems and pictures to share with my faithful readers (all two of them) and hopefully some stories and thoughts as I go into teaching again.

I missed writing blogs and I’ll try to post several times a week.

Here is a picture for your delectation:

Glad to be back. 🙂

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