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In Memory


Copyright September 2001

In memory of Francisco Bourdier and the other 2,995 victims of the 9-11 disaster, in conjunction with Project 2,996.

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Our friends David and Annette are finally on their way to New Zealand.  😦  We really miss them!

In their memory (ugh, sounds like they’re dead), I’m going to use David’s favorite bread recipe with my fresh rosemary and dill to make some Pain aux Herbes (or, for “regular” people, Bread with Herbs.  Sounds better in French, no?).

I changed the basic recipe for Artisan Bread by dividing the dough in half, and then one of the halves into quarters.

plain dough

I took a page from Pioneer Woman‘s bread and melted two half sticks of butter.  I cut a decent handful each of rosemary and dill from my herb garden


and then snipped the herbs each into the melted butter (rosemary into one melted half-stick and dill into the other…if that makes sense).  I mixed and kneaded the butter and herbs each into its own quarter of the dough.

dill doughrosemary dough

Then I let it all sit and rise for 2 1/2 hours before putting it in the fridge.

Unfortunately, it didn’t rise as much as I was hoping.  I took it the next day and let it warm up for about a half hour to forty-five minutes, then popped it in the oven.

baking bread(Sorry for the blurry picture…the heat must have distorted it.)  The bread tasted really good, but the loaves were tiny!  I wonder if my yeast is too old…

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