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Here goes…

  1. Save money/get out of debt.
    • I will try to do the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge – Just the bare minimum.
    • Refinance the condo. – Need a job first.
    • As soon as I get a job (see #3), start smacking money down on our student loan/credit card debts! – I was able to sub one more day, so no.
  2. Lose weight. – Starting weight: 152#; Ending weight: 145#.
    • Track my foods. – Did it half the month.
    • Exercise (cardio) at least 5 days a week. – Did for one week.  Then it was more like one day (or none).
    • Strength train at least 3 days a week. – Yoga a couple times, then nothing.
    • Take the monthly Shrinking Jeans challenges. – No. I meant to. Didn’t get that far…
  3. Get a job.
    • For right now, get on the substitute lists. – Subbed one day.
    • Finish practicum (waiting on a placement STILL!) – Finished! Did the exit interview and just waiting for the license.
    • Get a summer job. – Can’t do that yet.
    • Get a full-time ESL job for the fall. – That either.  License applied for though!
  4. Get outside more.
    • Run, bike, and rock climb outside (weather permitting). – Ran in the gym at home a couple times.  Climbed once.  In AZ, though, I ran outside one day, hiked a couple days, and walked too.  I could get used to 90 degrees in the middle of March…just sayin’…
    • Work on exploring more of the 60 Hikes in 60 Miles. – Nope.
    • Go camping. – Yeah. Let’s wait for spring…
    • Go to one of the destinations we’ve been wanting to — Ely, Mystery Caves, the Black Hills, Katahdin (if I get to ME this summer) – I don’t know that Sedona was on the list, but it’s definitely on my “return” list now!!  It was amazingly beautiful and fun to hike there.  I’ll try to post some pictures soon…
  5. Be creative.
    • Blog at least 3x/week. – Obviously not.
    • Finish cross-stitch projects and give to their owners! – No, but I started a new one Easter Sabbath….
    • Finish Jon and Ali’s quilt. – Didn’t touch it.
    • Practice the piano more. – I played, but didn’t practice.
  6. Spend more time with friends and family.
    • Do fun things with Kent. – We went rock climbing once.  And of course we had a week in AZ with his mom. He was sick, so he wasn’t much fun otherwise…
    • Get together with friends at least once a month for games or other event. – We played games one Saturday night with friends, climbed the one time with a friend, and I spent a day with a different friend finalizing her wedding dress and trying on bridesmaid dresses for her to see.
    • Call my friends who live far away — one per week. – Oops.
    • Write a note to someone every week. – Thought about it but didn’t.
  7. Spend more quality time with God.
    • Have real devotions every day. – I did a little better, but I need to somehow do it in the morning.  I’m too tired at night, but I can’t seem to get to bed (or sleep) early enough to get up.
    • Memorize at least 1 Bible verse every day. – I meant to memorize Isaiah 53 Easter week but I forgot.
    • Pray every day! – I did pray, and even remembered to give thanks, but not as meaningfully, often, or long as I probably should.
    • I did do one thing that was really good — I went to a Christian women’s conference the first weekend of March.  Ann Voskamp spoke, and I really enjoyed everything she said.  The other speakers and workshops were great too.

March was really hectic.  The first two weeks were finishing my practicum; then I had one day to regroup and we left for AZ.  Kent’s mom had a busy touring schedule (which we left some things off, out of sheer exhaustion on both our parts), and we came back with one week left of March.  Easter week — for anyone who is a church musician, “Hell Week”.  It wasn’t so bad, but considering Kent had been sick before we left, gotten behind on homework, and wanted me to take most of the hours at the church, it could have been better.  I was hoping April would be better, but I got a phone call Good Friday saying my grandfather was very sick in the hospital and not expected to survive long.  So April 2 I’m flying down to Tennessee to spend a few days with him.  My “be good” April plans are going to have to wait.  That’s life, I guess.  I’ll be as good as I can.


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bruised head

coils of darkness writhe around Him
battered and staggering, His sword still raised
He stands in the breach
arms flung wide,
He seems to surrender
the lunging snake wildly strikes
fangs sink into His heel
with a fierce blow to its head
evil is pinned
in victory His eyes slide closed
“it is finished”
as the defeated serpent hisses
one last time
and the light breaks
over His bowed head
it is finished

it is finished

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