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I’m feeling a little disgruntled about my job situation, so I’m posting these lyrics that explain my nickname/blog name and also how I feel about life in general, especially right now. These lyrics are by Simon and Garfunkel, and the song is called “Cloudy”.

The sky is gray and white and cloudy
Sometimes I think it’s hangin’ down on me
And it’s a hitchhike a hundred miles
I’m a ragamuffin child
Wearing a finger-painted smile
I left my shadow waitin’ down the road for me a while

My thoughts are scattered and they’re cloudy
They have no borders, no boundaries
They echo and they swell
From Tolstoy to Tinker Bell
Down from Berkeley to Carmel
Got some pictures in my pocket and a lot of time to kill

Hey sunshine
I haven’t seen you in a long time
Why don’t you show your face and bend my mind
These clouds stick to the sky
Like a floating question mark
And they linger there to die
They don’t know where they are going and my friend neither do I



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My mom called this morning; it seems that my youngest brother was cutting up a stump and managed to slice his knee open in two places with the chainsaw. This is the third major gash he’s done on himself; it will be a miracle if he survives his life in one piece! He’s ok; he missed the kneecap and any major tendons/ligaments, and he thinks he’ll be working Friday with an immobilizer on his leg so he can’t bend his knee. Not easily daunted is our David!

I called the school at MOA, since they hadn’t called me by 4:30, and they said they were still checking references. Gulp! The last I knew, MCA was giving me bad references, or at least less than stellar! Grr. The sooner I can get away from them and into a new job the better, but it’s not happening very fast!

We had our first tomatoes from my porch plants this morning! Yum….looking forward to many more. I went to Stitchville again today to get some fibers for the birth sampler I’m trying to design for a coworker at the Music Shop, where I teach piano. He and his wife just had their first baby and they named her Willow. So I’ve come up with a design; I just need to chart and stitch it. Another one of those “bit off more than I can chew” things, I’m afraid. I need to go back there tomorrow and pick up a fiber and charm for my biscornu for the exchange. I think I’d better get going!!! πŸ™‚

I’d like to catalog my stash, although that’s probably not a good idea, as then I’ll know exactly how much I have! Or don’t have….hmmm…. πŸ˜‰ But I need to find a new program. I tried one in Thailand, but it was really annoying when it came to cataloging patterns, and it didn’t have all the newer fibers. So if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears! πŸ™‚

On the book waiting front, the library website has most of the books I’m waiting for listed as “In Transit”, except for two, one of which is necessary to continue a series and one which is later and I can wait. But hey, that’s pretty good! Last week I thought I’d never get them! So I may have them all (but two) tomorrow! Hurray for Hennepin County! πŸ™‚

Terrible Twos meme from Kirsten Small
If you want to, consider yourself tagged and just leave a comment so I can read yours! πŸ™‚

Two Names You Go by:
1. Becky
2. Rebecca
Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. red mahogany wood stain on my hand
2. contacts (broke my glasses)
Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a Relationship:
1. Honesty
2. Affection
Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
1. Read
2. Cross-stitch
Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. A Job!
2. The kit for either Chatelaine‘s Japanese Garden or Pompeii Garden
Two people who will fill this out:
1. Jonathan
2. Paul (no clue really, these are just guesses)
Two things you did last night:
1. Posted 40 items on e-bay (and one of them has been bid on! Yay!)
2. Read a LOT of blogs
Two things you ate today:
1. Chocolate truffle
2. Cranberry muffin sample from Great Harvest
Two people you Last Talked To:
1. Kent
2. My mom
Things You’re doing this week/weekend:
1. Cross-stitching (UFO RR, present for my mom)
2. Cooking (zucchini bread, pesto)
Two longest car rides:
1. Maine to PA to MD to MN
2. Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon (this was a motorcycle and not a long ride, but my butt got so SORE!)
Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas because it’s so beautiful and family gets together
2. My birthday because I love September

I’m going to do some stitching…since I have so much to do!

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Well, I took it into my head today to try a couple new things, with mixed results.

I’ve been thinking about making truffles to sell, but of course I have to figure out how to make good ones. I saw a recipe on the back of some Nestle Select chocolate chips that just required whipped cream, the chips, and some cocoa powder for rolling. So I thought I’d give it a try. Well, they taste wonderful, dark and sinful! πŸ™‚ But they don’t roll into nice balls. The chocolate seems to have a very low melting point and my fingertips just squished them until chocolate was dripping. Sounds yummy, but if you’re trying to create nice neat round balls to roll in cocoa powder, it’s intensely annoying. I managed to do it by chilling them extra long and then rolling quickly, but they aren’t anything I could sell.

Then I decided to go see what Kent and his dad were making down in the garage. I thought I’d try my hand at turning a pen. Hah. While his dad was finishing a pen out of Amboyna burl, I picked up a little box I’d been working on a year ago for a suggestion box at school and screwed up the varnish on. I sanded it down and went to restain it, but I didn’t look at the can and it was walnut instead of my red mahogany. So I had to wipe it off and sand again and stain with the right stain. By the time I’d finished fooling around like that, Ole (Kent’s dad) had finished his pen and Kent put my redheart pen blank on the lathe. I was doing pretty well. I had a nice shape to the bottom part of the pen and was working on the top, and then Kent told me I had to lathe it down to the circumference of the metal joining parts. I was trying to do that and I lathed it down to the metal part inside the wood so it showed through! Not good and not fixable. I went ahead and finished the pen, sanding and buffing just for the practice, but it’s no good now. The bottom part was ok, but I had to throw away the top part. Maybe I can piece another part in, but I don’t think the grains would match then. Oh well.

We’re going out to get Qdoba nachos down on Excelsior and Grand, so maybe I can salvage the evening? We’ll see what happens. Anyone want some misshapen truffles?

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Well, it’s been so long since my last post, I don’t know where to start! I’m in the middle of job hunting, but I’m also trying to get lots of food preserving and cross-stitching done. I’ve updated my website and am in a UFO RR.

I did finish Paul’s wedding present, but I don’t know if he’s seen it yet, so I can’t post a picture. I will when I hear from him. It’s a small band-type sampler that I personalized for him and Petra. I’m also working on my second PIF project, this one for my mom. I’ll post a picture when I’ve finished it. These are the two RR projects I’ve worked on so far; Rune Sampler and Wizard. The one I have now is Autumn Queen, but I haven’t worked on her yet. I’m also trying to finish my Owl. I’m on the third page now and will post an update when I’m finished.

Kent has been looking for jobs too, and he is thinking about making a website to sell his hand-turned wood pens. I’m thinking about making a website to sell handmade chocolate truffles. We’ll see what happens.

And now, I’ve taken the challenge to participate in Manic Monday, from Loretta’s blog. Here are the questions and my answers. If you want to do this, link back to my site and consider yourself TAGGED! πŸ™‚

What is your most despised household chore?
I would have to choose between emptying the kitchen trash and cleaning the toilet. I don’t like folding clothes either but I’ll live with it. I usually try to get Kent to do the other two, though, as he REALLY hates doing laundry!

Pick out the most important item in your wallet/purse and tell why it’s important to you.

Probably my cell phone; it has numbers of everyone that I don’t have numbers for anywhere else.

What was your first car? What was your favorite car when you were young?
My first car was a 98 Toyota Camry. When I was young I didn’t pay much attention to cars. I liked my dad’s Chevy Love, probably because of the name. Now I like Subaru Foresters or a nice sexy car like a Porsche. πŸ™‚ Motorcycles are good too. πŸ˜‰

Well, I will really try to post much more often now. I’m trying to journal too; although those aren’t for public viewing, some thoughts might make their way on here. Watch this space! πŸ˜‰

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