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the days shrink

the night frays the edges

a little more

every morning

the sun is later

deeper shadows and darkness is



flowers wither

stems straggle and trail



the year grows cold

so tiredly


“do not go gently”


time to remember

to make our nests warm

pull our memories around us

this laughter

those tears

that life

wisped away in the smoke of burning leaves


in the shadows what waits

in darkness we know nothing




we give face to


of our own mortality


“do not go gently”


let the dark trickle in

an impulse

a choice

a flood of the other side of us

and one more light is



better to cling to light

turn towards day

the morning star

not the wicked red points of


in the dark


when we see the hovering shadow

as the year creaks to the end

do we choose to fight that


or embrace it?

allow evil within the walls

or turn and cast up a defense

of light?


“do not go gently”


“Stay with us, Lord Jesus; it soon is evening, and night is falling.”


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28 songs scanned

8 quarts of tomato puree canned

and 3 pints of apple butter canned

1 large pot of apple butter cooking

1 messy church cleaned — or at least enough for now

2 classes taught (1 good 1 bad)

1 post-observation conference and the accompanying paperwork (grr)

2 piano lessons

1 pot of stew made — and eaten

1 pot of beans cooking

5 loads of laundry done

1 grocery shopping list done — almost!

5 books read


back to clean the church some more!


That is all.

(except that it wasn’t all today.  Some of those were yesterday.)


Is this a poem? 😉

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I’ve spent this evening entering the names on my blog (the tab for Double Quartet) of all the songs I’d like to do with my double quartet.  I’m in the process of finding YouTube videos for each one if there are any, so people in the quartet who don’t know them can listen.  At some point I will be uploading mp3s of each vocal line.  I’m also probably going to put PDFs of music up for practice purposes, at which point I will be passwording the posts.  So listen to the lovely music while you can…

…and again, a hint for the password: 😉

My favorite song right this minute is the one by Egil Hovland called Stay With Us.  But they’re all gorgeous. 🙂

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Well, Wednesday I had parent-teacher conferences.  Eight of my 29 kids’ parents showed up.  That was actually ok, because my reading masters class ended Wednesday night and I had two half-finished assignments from before plus the huge ending assignment to do.  (Note: If you assign weekly papers that are involved, don’t assign double the work for the last assignment.  It’s just rude.)  I worked on my band blog, shameless self-promotion, cough, cough, then did the research for the ending assignment.  Took forever.  I had to write a grant for a $10,000 gift to allow digital reading devices (Kindles, etc.) in my class.  I chose to do it on Kindles and found some good information, but it took a long time.  I printed it out at the school, spent some time with the other band teacher fixing trumpets, and then went to teach piano and have choir.  We needed to set up 10 tables with 8 chairs each in the fellowship hall for a funeral on Thursday and a birthday party on Saturday, plus I had been working on washing all the church’s dishes — there were mouse “things” found in some of them.  They must have 500 dishes.  I only got about a third of them done, but that was ok.  I went home about 9:30, played on the piano a little, and then settled down to slave away.  I didn’t finish the assignments till 6:15 am. Grr.  At least I didn’t have to teach on Thursday.

I slept till 9 and then went over to the church to practice before the funeral.  After the funeral, I went to the MEA teacher workshops over in St. Paul (the reason we didn’t have school Thursday or Friday).  I went to two and then headed back over to the church to clean some more.  I took a little detour and sat in the parking lot with a book.  I felt like I had been quite good enough and deserved to be a little irresponsible 🙂

Friday I slept in and basically did nothing except read all day.  I ran a couple errands late in the afternoon and made supper for Kent (quite an occurrence, let me tell you).

Saturday we slept in a little and then got up and drove up to Duluth.  We had sweet potato fries at the New London Cafe, then went and hiked another section of the Superior Hiking Trail.  5.4 miles and back, so that was a nice little hike.  We got back about 10 pm and raided the freezer for the birthday ice cream I’d gotten at Cold Stone and put there for a “rainy day”. 🙂  We watched some Boston Legal and I went to bed with a book.  (Yes, I read a lot.  If you are around me much, you know that for sure.)

Sunday I slept in again and we worked on cleaning up the house.  I read a little, cooked a little, and got over to the church about 8:45 pm.  Oops.  I did the very least I could do to get it ready for Monday, but I was still there for over 5 hours.  Got to bed just before 3 am, and Kent was still not home from closing Taco Bell.

And today, I had two good classes, a nice breakfast in a pretty-clean kitchen (in a fairly-clean house!), and now I will go to the chiropractor and piano lessons, then to the church again….

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