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Tea bathing

So evidently the ancient Middle-Easterners weren’t the only ones to bathe in odd (to us) fluids.  They, as I’ve read in various places, bathed in camel urinemilk, oil and ashes, or just didn’t wash at all.


In our (relatively) clean modern times, we bathe or shower at least once a day, use smelly soaps and body washes, put on deodorant, and basically try to eradicate our own smell.  Supposedly if we didn’t wash *at all*, after a month our own bacteria would neutralize any body odor. Not going to try it.

But some trends might be worth considering.  In Japan, there’s evidently a spa that lets people bathe in wine, coffee, sake, ramen broth, or green tea.  Not sure what I think of ramen broth, wine, or coffee, though I might be willing to try a chocolate massage.  Green tea would be nice to relax in, I think, although the thought of how many people came before me would deter me from drinking.


My computer, on the other hand (or mouse), has no such compunctions.  In attempting to save myself from my sinking desk chair, I knocked over my tea onto my keyboard last night.  Fortunately, my lesson plans had just been finished and turned in, and no sparks greeted the advent of the tea to my laptop’s innards.

Tonight, it appears that the bathing trend agrees with my laptop.  I will endeavor, however, not to allow my computer the decadence of bathing in anything else (or indeed, any more tea).

One must uphold standards — we might be sending out for camel urine next…


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Peaches in October — an oddity, unless one lives in Arizona.  Unfortunately, these peaches were nearly on their last legs when I bought them from the grocery store (except for the overpriced ones I got at the orchard, which were green and never ripened).  The fruit flies began an attack, and soon I had dead and dying peaches littering my counters.


Operation Peach Rescue began with triage.  I enlisted the help of an experienced peach surgeon, one Andrea (my MIL), who bravely peeled the best ones, although there were mutterings of “hard rubber” and “not worth your time”.  Those peaches got turned into jam.


Eight jars of peach chai jam and eleven of peach maple, and I tackled the ones that were…more wounded.  I constructed three different peach cakes, all of which went into the oven as a battalion.


Far left: peach pecan


Far right: peach lemon ginger


Center: peach pistachio


All cakes are in the freezer awaiting a some-day party, and the hordes of fruit flies are very nearly vanquished, only lacking a few stragglers.

I wanted to make a peach almond, but it required the springform pan as well, so I didn’t.  I may yet, as I still have about 15 cups of cut-up peaches (this is after several small peach crisps had been manufactured and eaten over the weekend).

However, Operation Peach Rescue is (mostly) completed.  Stay tuned for updates on the remmnant, which may involve another cake, as well as a few muffins.

General Kristensen and aide-de-camp Andrea, signing off.


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We opened presents Christmas Eve, so here is a mess of media stuff and packing boxes…this is the way this corner usually looks; DH is notoriously messy and this is his stuff, mostly.  I call it “bunny piles”.

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light cage



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I like words that grab your attention

dashing away with chortles of glee

Words that scurry and scamper

Dashing under brittle, dead leaves

Words that blaze in the dark

flashing sparks into the frigid air

Words that sizzle

like sidewalk eggs on a sultry afternoon

Words that sprink like

raindrops in a galvanized pan

Words that swish and swoosh

like nighthawks diving for lunch (crunch)


Squawking words

like scrawny fledglings

Glistening words

like a luminous moon

Splashing words

like a surprised frog

Velvet words

like a kitten’s purr

Waddling words

like an obese hippo

Fuzzy words

like tickling fluff (sneeze)






Dab (crab)







Written sometime in 1996.

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Ok, get your minds out of the gutter! And again!

Ready now?

*This* is my toy:

Ok, that’s kind of large, but you get the idea!  This is the way I am theoretically keeping myself organized.  FlyLady‘s idea of helping one’s organization (which word, by the way, my fingers want to spell with an ‘s’, despite only 2 years in Thailand compared to 29 in America) is to spend 15 minutes on a task you dislike and then go on to something else.  Or, I suppose, if you are disciplined, take another 15.  The idea is to take unpleasant jobs in small, hopefully more palatable ‘bites’, in the hope that you would actually get them done, or at least have spent 15 minutes working on them.  She calls it ‘baby steps’; it’s also known as the Japanese idea of kaizen: manageable, almost ludicrous steps toward doing something you otherwise would not do (usually by stalling, as in my case, where I can find a hundred things I *have* to do online, or, if it’s homework, suddenly develop an urge to clean the house).

So I needed a timer to help me get organized.  The problem is that I also use it for making tea, so it’s always in the wrong place.  I guess I’ll have to download one for my computer.  Then my only problem will be remembering to set it. 🙂

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