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in quietis jubilo

peace comes dropping

slowly down

in amber liquid birdsong

silver rain

sun’s gold shining through leaves

caressing opalescent

stream of harp or flute

warmth of arms and lips

wordless joy


filling the void

carved by life

smoothing a heart

for a moment

maybe forever


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when it heals

a cut

or scrape

begins instantly to heal;

clear fluid rises, a scab forms —

a protective layer…

but if you

rip the scab away

too soon,

it leaves a gash that heals more



a piece ripped

from a heart

heals haltingly.

you must use your heart

for the people who are left;

the protective scab

can’t stay,

but every day it bleeds

a little less

until one day

you don’t forget,

but you can touch the memory

without pain.


the question is,

how long till a heart

grows new again

when someone has died

too soon,

too quickly to say


and when it heals,

is it really healed?

or is there always

a blank space that


just a touch

for lost love…



In memory of Francisco Bourdier and the other 2,995 victims of 9-11, in conjunction with Project 2,996.

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