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a glimpse

smooth curves

trailing locks



the pointed ear

the shimmer fall of hair

the mermaid


the manatee?


is it better

to see a sparkle in

a naiad’s eye or

the shaft of pure solar



to strike sparks from

the marriage


hydrogen and oxygen?


what to see?

wishful myth

or incredulous science?

Green Man

or chlorophyll?

Iris’ message

or refracting water droplets?

thunder and lightning —

impersonal or in-human?


does it really matter?

(at least

when you


the earth you don’t

destroy it)

the broad way —


with flowers

and oak leaves


scientific formulas

and the split



either way

we’ve lost the true

green man (i am the life)

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Exchange haul

My mom, trying to replace a pair of pj pants that had bit the dust, got me two pairs of fleece pants at Old Navy for my birthday.  Not so good.  They were too heavy to wear in bed.  I’ve had them in my car, meaning to take them back (since September), but just got a chance today.  OH YAY! (sorry) Everything was on sale and I got a HAUL! 🙂 [we will return to the regularly-scheduled Becky next post]

tank tops

I’ve been wanting some new tank tops, partly because in the winter I wear them as a layer, and partly wanting some to wear in the summer that don’t look like I’ve forgotten to put on a shirt.  I think these will qualify 🙂

black t-shirt

This is another layering shirt, but I like how soft it is 🙂

yoga pants

I have finally broken down and gotten my first pair of spandex-y pants.  They are supposed to wick away moisture, so I thought I could use them as a layer when winter camping, as well as just by themselves while working out.  They’re not spectacular on me, but I hope to remedy that. 🙂  Stay tuned for my Non-Resolutions. 🙂

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I just wanted to post a couple pictures of a couple of my favorite Christmas presents.  I’m not really bragging, but a little.  Oh well. 😀

Dovos shears -- left-handed 🙂

tea kettle -- doesn't it look a wee bit steampunk??

glass teapot

The above three Kent got me, with no assistance from wishlists of any kind, I might add! 🙂

blue heather cardigan

blue snowflake hat -- with ear flaps! 🙂

The sweater and hat are from my mom, who also gave me snowshoes!!  I opened them before Christmas, though.


handmade socks! 🙂

Dorothy, who knitted me mittens last year, knitted Kent and me each a pair of socks! 🙂  Not sure where Kent’s pair is, but it’s lighter blue than mine. 🙂

evergreen diffuser -- smells like L'Occitane Winter Forest 🙂

One of my piano students’ parents got me this diffuser, which smells almost exactly like the one I was wishing someone would get me! 🙂


Red Canna

Bella Donna

Andrea gave us several art prints; these three were my favorites.  A Rabbit, because, well, if you know you know. 🙂 And several Georgia O’Keefe, who hasn’t been an artist I’ve liked, but evidently I hadn’t seen the right prints.  The two above are my favorites, but they’re all lovely.  Sorry it’s hard to see through the plastic.

The next four things aren’t presents *from* anyone; they’re things I got myself in the Christmas season.

happy candle #1

happy candle #2
fern glass platter
VS Fair Isle sweater — I had a coupon 🙂

I’ve always loved trees and snow (Kent can tell you), so the candles and platter were a no-brainer…and I’ve been looking for a Fair Isle sweater that I liked for a while, so when I had a coupon and went looking on the VS website, I snatched it up quickly!


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By the same artist who did Europe According the the US, here is the World According to the US.  Nice review of common stereotypes, and there’s a 2011 calendar you can buy with many of his different art pieces.  Not affiliated, blah blah, and don’t necessarily subscribe to the stereotypes, but it is interesting to see what other people think of what we think of them…

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in tidying up the crumpled paper

tangled ribbons


when you untangle the lights

and pack up the ornaments

put the wreath in its box

finish the cookies

as you wrap up the creche

and tuck Jesus away for

another year

don’t forget

to put away that




goodwill toward men

you don’t leave them out

all year

they aren’t fashionable


for the modern house

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“When He is King we will give Him the Kings’ gifts,

Myrrh for its sweetness, and gold for a crown,
Beautiful robes,” said the young girl to Joseph,
Fair with her firstborn on Bethlehem Down.

Bethlehem Down is full of the starlight,
Winds for the spices, and stars for the gold,
Mary for sleep, and for lullaby music
Songs of a shepherd by Bethlehem fold.

When He is King, they will clothe Him in gravesheets,
Myrrh for embalming, and wood for a crown,
He that lies now in the white arms of Mary
Sleeping so lightly on Bethlehem Down.

Here He has peace and a short while for dreaming,
Close huddled oxen to keep Him from cold,
Mary for love, and for lullaby music
Songs of a shepherd by Bethlehem fold.

— Bruce Blunt

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