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New Years’ Resolutions, of course!

I know everyone makes them and no one ever keeps them, longer than a week, or month at the most!  I’m only making two though.  I really do mean to try to keep them as well.

1. I mean to lose weight, which means eating properly and exercising at least 3x a week (4 would be better but I’m not that optimistic).

2. I mean to have devotions every day, either in the morning or at night, which means going to bed at a decent hour (for either one).  I want to pray for others again, not just myself, and read the Bible or other book and write in my journal.

Unofficial resolutions of course include working really hard as a couple to pay off our debts and get some money in savings (hopefully both at the same time).  I’d also like to set aside a certain amount each month for giving to people in need (which means getting ourselves OUT of that category!).  I want to stop being so focused on myself all the time.

We watched the movie Tombstone the other day after we visited Tombstone, AZ.  There was an interesting statement during the scene where Doc Holliday is dying in bed (at the hospital) and Wyatt Earp is trying to say goodbye.  Wyatt says, “All I wanted was a normal life”.  Doc replies, “There’s no such thing as a normal life.  There’s only life.  Get out and live it!”  It really made me think.  A good portion of my blogs and journals and thoughts are taken up with wishing my life was “normal” and being upset because life isn’t the way I think it should be.  This is my third resolution for 2009 (yes, I know I said only two): Stop being upset because life isn’t the way I want it to be.  Live the life I have.  Change what I can (see first two resolutions), but focus more on others than on myself.  I think that will make this a better year.  I may actually have more fun because I won’t be trying to “hide” from real life.


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