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Ok, probably.

But that’s what I do best…right?  Just FYI, this is fussing because I’m tired, cranky, and on the edge of getting sick.  Not my shining hour.  (Feel free to scroll to the bottom for your reward).

Navel Gazing Item #1: My frustrating inability to focus on weight loss long enough to actually reach my goal.  I feel constantly tired, so mustering up energy to work out is best done early in the morning, when I’m probably awake anyway (from waking up worrying about school; see Item #2).  I get home after a day of school and healthy eating and basically eat the house.  Why?  No reason.  Low will-power, I guess.  It’s annoying, and counter-productive.  See also: People who tell me “You don’t need to lose weight.” Yes. Yes I do.

Navel Gazing Item #2: My teacher workload, whether self-inflicted, student-afflicted, principal-induced, or district-bludgeoned.  I’m a member of the 40-Hour Teacher Workweek, and the idea has been great, but…I don’t have time to implement most of what is suggested…and I still don’t think a 40-hour workweek would be at ALL in the realm of possibility.  Maybe for those teachers whose day includes a prep period? Not mine.  It is nice to be (somewhat) better organized.  See also: Reasons I wake up at 3:30 a.m.

Navel Gazing Item #3: Related to Item #2, and influencing Item #1 — my lack of time outside of school for personal pursuits.  I have xty-five trillion projects in my mind, from cross-stitch and quilting, to trips, cooking, and hobbies/skills I want to master.  No time.  I am blogging though, if you can call complaining a blog.  I am today.  It’s where my brain’s at.  I’ll do better, I promise!



The view from one of the hoodoos on Mt. Lemmon, taken a few weeks ago at sunset.


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This is how I feel today. Empty, dreary, weeping.  Somewhere there is a promise of spring.

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Photo A Day: Dec. 9



“out and about”

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This is about how I feel right now.


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I have one for-sure teaching job, very part-time (.2; an hour every day), another one probably (again, .2), and one hopefully (again, one hour every day).

I passed on my cleaning clients to a friend, and I’ve applied to be the church custodian at the church where I play the organ (my husband and I would do this jointly, depending on his class and work schedule).

I am going to start a small-business-owners group for referrals here in the Twin Cities.

I hope I will have more time than I’ve had the last three months.  June, July, and August have been truly ridiculous.  I have poems and pictures to share with my faithful readers (all two of them) and hopefully some stories and thoughts as I go into teaching again.

I missed writing blogs and I’ll try to post several times a week.

Here is a picture for your delectation:

Glad to be back. 🙂

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Photo taken February 2010 at Split Rock Lighthouse State park by Kent Kristensen

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The little crescent is Venus; the big one is the moon.  I thought it looked really neat; usually I just see Venus as the “evening star”.  It’s always odd, because pictures like this look so bright and friendly, but the moon and Venus are out in empty black space, not friendly at all.  I don’t know which I like better, but this is less fearsomely awe-inspiring and more just beautiful.

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