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Here goes…

  1. Save money/get out of debt.
    • I will try to do the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge – I had to pare down on some of those automatic deductions, but I still managed to put some money in savings.
    • Refinance the condo. – Nope.  Actually, can’t do this till I get a job. But it’s still messy. Worse, since I started my practicum President’s Day.
    • As soon as I get a job (see #3), start smacking money down on our student loan/credit card debts! – I did get to substitute one day before starting my practicum…
  2. Lose weight. – Starting weight: 145#; Ending weight: 141#.
    • Track my foods. – Did the Diet Bet — not doing that again, but it did work.  Too much stress though!
    • Exercise (cardio) at least 5 days a week. – I think I exercised at least 6 days a week, and found out that doing yoga after running helps A LOT with my sore legs.  I tried to get 10K steps in every day.
    • Strength train at least 3 days a week. – Wasn’t as good as I meant to be, but I did get into a routine with yoga at least 2 days a week.
    • Take the monthly Shrinking Jeans challenges. – Yeah.  Didn’t do that.
  3. Get a job.
    • For right now, get on the substitute lists. – Subbed one day
    • Finish practicum (waiting on a placement STILL!) –Started President’s Day (because of red tape) and will be done in March.
    • Get a summer job. – Can’t do that yet.
    • Get a full-time ESL job for the fall. – That either.  But I will apply for licensure the second I finish that practicum!!!
  4. Get outside more.
    • Run, bike, and rock climb outside (weather permitting). – I ran outside a couple days, but mostly inside. I did rock climb a few times at Vertical Endeavors, but that wasn’t outside.  I am improving in that, though — I was able to do a couple 5.9 climbs! 🙂
    • Work on exploring more of the 60 Hikes in 60 Miles. – Not till the weather improves…
    • Go camping. – See above.
    • Go to one of the destinations we’ve been wanting to — Ely, Mystery Caves, the Black Hills, Katahdin (if I get to ME this summer) – We are going to AZ for sure on spring break, and Kent’s mom will take us to Sedona (red rock country).
  5. Be creative.
    • Blog at least 3x/week. – No. Not at all.
    • Finish cross-stitch projects and give to their owners! – No. Ditto.
    • Finish Jon and Ali’s quilt. – Didn’t happen.
    • Practice the piano more. – Um, nope.
  6. Spend more time with friends and family.
    • Do fun things with Kent. – We went rock climbing, 4 or 5x.
    • Get together with friends at least once a month for games or other event. – We rock climbed with friends, and one night I went to Sky Zone (a trampoline place) for tramp-aerobics.
    • Call my friends who live far away — one per week. – Forgot.
    • Write a note to someone every week. – I was going to….
  7. Spend more quality time with God.
    • Have real devotions every day. – I still need to work on that.  I have been doing *something* every day, but not necessarily hard-core.
    • Memorize at least 1 Bible verse every day. – I memorized ten more verses from Romans 1.  In the beginning of the month.
    • Pray every day! – I did a little. Not really a habit, or taking the time, maybe.

Given the fact I’m writing this in April, it’s obvious February (and March) swept me up and threw me out.  I’ll write more about that in March’s check-in.  I just hope everything’s more or less back to normal now…These really are things I want to do/get better at.  In my mind I am taking it seriously, but every day, something happens and I don’t do what I mean to do.


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