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So I gave myself a lot of goals in January, not to mention those 101 Things in the back of my mind…

I think checking in monthly will help me keep on target.  Maybe even more often just for myself, but I’ll keep it monthly here.

Here goes…

  1. Save money/get out of debt.
    • I will try to do the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge – I set up automatic deductions into a savings account.  Now I just need to make some money! Ha.
    • Refinance the condo. – Still messy.  Not able to do that!
    • As soon as I get a job (see #3), start smacking money down on our student loan/credit card debts! – No job yet.  But I am on the sub lists!
  2. Lose weight. – Starting weight: 152#; Ending weight: 145#.
    • Track my foods. – Um, yeah. Didn’t do that.  I did start doing it again yesterday though!
    • Exercise (cardio) at least 5 days a week. – I did do that!  I tried to go for 6 or 7 days, actually.  There were some weeks I only did three or four, so I guess I didn’t do as well as I’d thought.
    • Strength train at least 3 days a week. – Still didn’t do that.  1 or 2 was the average.  Or none.
    • Take the monthly Shrinking Jeans challenges. – I got 15 days done on January’s Abs challenge.  I’m going to keep doing it in Feb. till I finish though, along with the Feb. one.  Yes I am!
  3. Get a job.
    • For right now, get on the substitute lists. – On several of them.
    • Finish practicum (waiting on a placement STILL!) – I have a placement and should be starting next week! *knock on wood*
    • Get a summer job. – Can’t do that yet.
    • Get a full-time ESL job for the fall. – That either.  But I will apply for licensure the second I finish that practicum (should be the last week of Feb.)
  4. Get outside more.
    • Run, bike, and rock climb outside (weather permitting). – I did run one day outside, and found out what was causing my ankle problem.  I did rock climb three times at Vertical Endeavors, but that wasn’t outside.  I took several walks with Kent outside though.  It’s been stupid cold.
    • Work on exploring more of the 60 Hikes in 60 Miles. – I’m going to wait for either more snow (so I can snowshoe) or less cold.
    • Go camping. – See above.
    • Go to one of the destinations we’ve been wanting to — Ely, Mystery Caves, the Black Hills, Katahdin (if I get to ME this summer) – I talked with friends about planning a trip to Mystery Caves in May or June.  And Kent and I are thinking to head up to Ely on a long weekend once the weather’s better.  Not sure about the others, but we are going to AZ on spring break, and Kent’s mom will take us to Sedona.
  5. Be creative.
    • Blog at least 3x/week. – No.  I’ll keep trying though!
    • Finish cross-stitch projects and give to their owners! – No. Ditto.
    • Finish Jon and Ali’s quilt. – I need to have a different table.  I’m thinking about using the one in the library or parlor at Aldersgate.  But I need to finish the practicum first.
    • Practice the piano more. – Forgot about that.
  6. Spend more time with friends and family.
    • Do fun things with Kent. – We went rock climbing, 3x.  He wasn’t up for much this month because he was sick.  But we did watch three seasons of “Are You Being Served?”  I think that counts. 🙂
    • Get together with friends at least once a month for games or other event. – We played games one Sunday night with friends, and last Saturday night we went to MCA for the WinterFest.
    • Call my friends who live far away — one per week. – Forgot.
    • Write a note to someone every week. – Thought about it but didn’t.
  7. Spend more quality time with God.
    • Have real devotions every day. – I read chapters in a book but I didn’t do any journaling, and some of those chapters were “quick hurry it’s late and I want to sleep!”  So, I need to work on that one.
    • Memorize at least 1 Bible verse every day. – I memorized ten verses from Romans 1.  Gotta keep working on that.  I like Scripture Typer though!
    • Pray every day! – I did some days, kind of a quick “thanks for that”, but nothing meaningful.

I think it’s good to check in — I’d forgotten about some of these — oops!

I am surprised how vulnerable some of those made me feel, to admit I did or didn’t do something.  Like the praying one, or the one about my messy house.  I think those areas of our lives are places we like to “cover over when company comes” and pretend everything’s awesome.  I can see the power of being accountable, even if no one is going to shake fingers and say “bad girl!”  Just admitting my less-than-stellar performance in certain areas is difficult.  Hopefully it’s enough to help me do better!

On to February!


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the school bunny

white bunny

at first you jumped at sudden noises

rattles and bangs

kicking and running futilely forced into a small space

then you learned to know us

our different voices

the scents on our hands

grew used to the vacuum’s roar

and (finally) the abrupt thump of the big trashcan

we learned you too

your moods

the “don’t touch me”

and the “what’s happening out there?”

we dared to pet you

you let us feed you the grass from your bed

we learned you liked dried fruit but

NOT carrots

we tried different times to hold you

and you became accustomed to our arms

till one day we let you run

while we cleaned

and for a few weeks it was a habit to

give you your freedom for an hour or two

and only check to see you weren’t

chewing too much paper

so I have to say I’m glad I wasn’t the one this morning

coming down the hall and realizing the huddle in your box

was too still

and that the quick flick of ears wouldn’t

interrupt the rounded softness



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The vet’s sign near our house.

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I had quite a fun time trying to take pictures of the puddles.  Here’s another one:



Obviously in a different location…

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light at one


“one o’clock”

Looking out the window of the UMinn student center at 1 PM.

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Looking at bus schedules from our house to the U for Kent.  It would be nice if the light rail were working, but oh well.  Not till 2014.

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“something beginning with T”

I usually call this ‘my tea thing’ so that counts, right?

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