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Carpeted chaos

Well, last Tuesday the carpet got put in after an all-nighter Monday night. (yawwwwwwn) The beanbags were picked up by Kent and the Brodis’ truck (:D) and we have all fallen asleep in them several times. Andrea (Kent’s mom) actually sleeps in them every night (she’s up for a couple weeks).We spent Thanksgiving and the Saturday night after with Kent’s new-found relatives in the area, the Hilde clan. His grandmother on his mom’s side was a Hilde, so now we have lots of cousins. There are two in particular, Tay and Martha, only a little bit older than us, who have similar interests. Tay says he will teach me to use a lathe to turn wood, and Martha is a cross-stitcher. They also went to Thailand on their honeymoon, so we had a ball trading stories, etc.Last night we started bringing in boxes from the garage. I was only going to bring in a few, but Kent got excited and decided to bring in ALL the books and kitchen stuff. Well….like I said, we now have “carpeted chaos!”

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Well, my first post. I said I wasn’t going to have a blog because of not having enough to say or time to say it…but I had to make a blog so I could comment on other people’s. So I’ll try to post semi-frequently.

I just decided to participate in the “Pay-It-Forward” game…so the first five people who comment on my blog with an e-mail address will recieve a handmade gift from me in the next 12 months. So we’ll see who that is….I got the idea from Medieval Needle’s blog http://medievalneedle.blogspot.com/

Well, it’s Friday afternoon and time to go paint the house some more. Hopefully we can get everything finished and ready to move in by the week of Thanksgiving…as we’re having company, ready or not!

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