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On gratitude and loss

I was listening to Garrison Keillor’s Writers’ Almanac for today and the poem really struck me.


I saw him leaving the hospital
with a woman’s coat over his arm.
Clearly she would not need it.

The sunglasses he wore could not

conceal his wet face, his bafflement. 
As if in mockery the day was fair,
and the air mild for December. All the same

he had zipped his own coat and tied

the hood under his chin, preparing

for irremediable cold.

–Jane Kenyon

I had to cry. People lose precious things every day and sometimes don’t even know it. The poem made me remember that no matter what happens, my life is incredibly blessed. I have a husband, family, and friends who love me and care for me, a warm and pretty house (albeit a little messy), a good education and an appreciation for the finer things of life, good health, and most of all (and hardest to remember) a God who takes care of me, even when I don’t realize it.

Sorry if it sounds a little sappy. I am just grateful that I am not the one who has lost a loved one and now faces “irremediable cold.” And the tears are for all those who have and do face that every day for the rest of their lives.

As a side note, click on the Free Rice banner on the side to play a vocabulary game to donate rice to end world hunger. Go to www.poverty.com for more information — do you know that someone dies of starvation every three and a half seconds?

Please do what you can to keep the emptiness from people’s lives.


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