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I’ve been doing History of English with my senior Brit Lit class, and to help them remember the Romans’ role in Britain for the test, I compared it to the US role in Iraq. Far away from home, in a land of “barbarians” who like to fight, and only there to try to keep the peace…until the Empire falls. So here’s the question…If the Empire falls, will it also strike back? (sorry) 🙂

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The top pair of lovely Dovo stitching scissors were given to me by Kent, who, I’m told, dazzled the kind ladies at Stitchville with his perspicacity in choosing only the finest German-made steel and his determination to select such for his cross-stitch-crazy wife. The bottom pair of Ginghers were given to me by the ladies of my Minneapolis stitching group, who were very sad at our August GTG to see me snipping threads with my trusty fingernail clippers (not the ones I use on myself, of course). Lisa N. also made me the fob that is on the scissors from Kent.

My mom sent me money, with which I bought myself a pair of new brown clogs for school and an outfit at Dress Barn I’d had my eye on.

And the Friday before my birthday Kent and I signed the papers on a new ’08 Mazda 3 hatchback, black of course. I keep the Corolla, since we’re not parking the Mazda outside my school :). Now we have the American dream of home “ownership”, two cars, and debts to the eyebrows! Red, white, and black and blue checkbook! 🙂

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I don’t entirely agree, but I did get a kick out of these…

P.S. North Korea’s still Communist, by the way…

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M*A*S*H: The Iraqi Season

I just bought the M*A*S*H Season 9, so we’ve been watching the new (to me) shows. It’s funny that I like them, considering the first episode I ever saw I didn’t like. But Kent got me hooked on them (on our honeymoon, no less), and we watched them a lot in Thailand. I think we enjoyed them so much there because we identified with the characters…far from home and familiar things. Of course, Bangkok wasn’t a war zone, but it was a different culture.

But I was thinking, isn’t it interesting, the similarity between what went on in the 50’s and what’s going on now in Iraq? We’re fighting a long battle that just gets worse and doesn’t accomplish anything, we’re fighting against nebulous opponents of democracy, and it’s not really a war (wasn’t Korea a “police action” for a long time?). I’m not trying to say anything against any soldier that’s over there. I think they are brave and dedicated and should come home as soon as possible. (Support the Troops — Send them Home!) But I think, once again, the US has put their finger into one too many pies and now we can’t pull it out without ruining the crust. What exactly was our business in Korea or Vietnam or Desert Storm? Was someone threatening us? Yes, people were fighting, but since when did we become the classroom monitors? I’m all for democracy, white bread, and the American dream, but no one “helped” us on the road to republic. Shouldn’t we let people get there on their own steam? When you force open a cocoon, or an egg, or a rose, you ruin the thing you are trying to unfold.

I think our role should be not the hovering parent, but the concerned friend, ready with handouts, not handguns. We got rid of the dictator, now let the fledglings fly on their own! We didn’t jump into Russia, China, or Germany when the walls came down, and they seem to be figuring it out on their own. Of course, they don’t have half the world’s oil, do they??Liberal Republican signing off…

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