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Ok, we did the bathroom and the library — let’s move to the bedroom!  Don’t forget, this is all going in my new Nautilus house!  🙂

This has got to be my favorite, of course (to those of you who know me)

Not so excited about the decor in the first room, but the curvy ceiling is cool.  And the tree growing up in the last room is neat — I would pick maybe a different one that had leaves further down — and the bed is nice.  But the middle one!  An octagonal loft!  With skylights! And a futon!  All it needs is a harp in the corner (if I knew how to play one) and a interestingly-shaped bookshelf and it would be the perfect room!  I hope Kent likes green. 🙂

This one is kind of crazy — not sure how I feel about it, but it’s definitely high on the cool factor.

Just dive out of bed and swim laps.  But knowing me, I’d knock the lamp off the bedside stand and blow the place up.

I like the design on the skylight, and the different places to put books, but I would rather have a couple big windows (especially since the view looks pretty nice) than a bunch of teeny ones.  Plus, I have too many books to fit in those small spaces.  The bed is neat though.

The colored panels in the top picture are neat, but I would put them in a boy’s room rather than in mine.  I love the Japanese influence in the middle left, especially the mural.  So restful.  That one actually looks like a small apartment — maybe it is.  The middle right — well, we’ve got that green plant thing going again — gotta be a winner!  Not sure how I’d feel with all that rustling at night.  Maybe a living room instead of a bedroom.  The bottom left is pretty, but not for me.  I’d feel smothered.  And the bottom right?  Yech.  The design itself is interesting, but that color is something else entirely.

Here’s a slightly bigger picture of the bamboo room, and a couple others.  I think I would feel strange sleeping in the middle picture…like a sacrifice in a shrine or something.  But cool in a living room. And the bottom one would be awesome for a boy — pirates!  🙂

Here are a couple other links to cool kid’s bedrooms, and space-saving ideas for small bedrooms (like most of us have — hmpf!)


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Well, for those of you who know me, it’s a short step from bathrooms to books.  🙂 Often not a step at all!

So, continuing from my previous envious glances at people who have way more money for books than I do, here are some more interesting bookcase ideas.

Not sure how this would work in real life, since you’d need either another place to put the books when you sat, or another unit to sit in (or a chair), but it’s a neat idea, and not bad for a dorm room.

Not sure whose bright idea this was but…no.

The above pictures seem to be for people who don’t so much read books as use them for decoration.  Hmpf.

But here’s some people who take books seriously!

And finally… the pièce de résistance!

That is all.

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Got on a website that shows ideas of how to remodel a house — namely, the bathroom.  I have to say, for some of these, you would first have to have a house in a nice location.  Then have a large house.  I didn’t see a lot of ideas for a small condo.  That being said, I think I could just live in some of these bathrooms!

This one is lovely, but it’s more the view than anything:

Same here, and I wonder how the lilies stay alive:

Of course, you could always have it looking out on your own private waterfall:

Some of them make me wonder why you are having walls at all:

Some of them are over the top, and others aren’t anything super special, just decent design and — of course — expensive appointments.  Not your usual Bed, Bath, and Beyond wares.

They are lovely, but personally, if I were to make my bathroom like that, then I would just go one step further and put a bed in there as well — no need to have separate rooms!

Oh. Wait.  Someone did.  🙂

Now, if I could just get my downstairs neighbor to stop smoking in HIS bathroom…

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dormant hunger

broken cement

once crushed ore

now lies

crumbled by tree roots

sunlight darkens behind

hollow mouths

gold teeth knocked out in

gaping  maws



over mounded rock


footholds caution goldseekers

black water scums in

deep pockets

countless rainfalls

washed into

bottomless shafts

no pick gashes

rotten walls


thin flakes glimmer in

feeble light



water touches silent

memories of

gleam-eyed hungry


countless blows earth-deep

and hushed in

moments long


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I’ve been thinking more and more about the different e-readers out there.  Kent has mentioned the need to consolidate our bookshelves…the books are taking up all the shelves we have and I want more!  We’ve also thought about the fact that by the time our kids are old enough to enjoy our old books we are so diligently saving away in boxes, paper books may be completely obsolete.  I am also thinking about if (when!) we go overseas again — I probably won’t meet up with another person like my fellow English teachers in Thailand, who brought lots of books of the kinds I like to read and hadn’t yet.  There were no public libraries that we could find in BKK, and I would have been very sad indeed if it weren’t for the lovely people at Kinokuniya, who let me sit there and read till closing while Kent went to a movie.  Also in this mix is the growing thought that I probably should have a laptop.  I end up stuck places sometimes where I really could use the internet, or a word processing program, and I can’t.  I could use the whole portable organization of it as well.  And, as a teacher, if I had the iPad with 3G, I could use sites like YouTube for classroom clips and not have to go through the whole process of changing the videos to something I could play in my classroom (since most schools block YouTube, no matter who wants to use it).

I am not really sure about the whole glowing screen thing, but the Nook in black and white doesn’t get on the Internet, really.  The Nook in color glows.  The Kindle glows.  The iPad glows, but, it could also be a small laptop for me.  But nothing of mine runs on Apple products, so that might be a problem.  Are there conversions for Word documents??  Also, if I got the iPad, should I get the wireless or the 3G network?

So…this is the time when my dear readers speak up!  Vote for your favorite!  Tell me why or give me any other suggestions in the comments!

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Unless your drinking water looks like this,

you can help.

Millions of people die every year from dirty water sources —

they have no choice but to drink or die of thirst

(approximately one in eight people has no access to clean water).

You can help.

$25 will give clean water for life for one person.

Visit water.org and find out how you can help

with donations, fundraisers, projects, or even education.

You can help.

Do it.

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