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Well, Wednesday I stopped by the Apple House on the way to Maple Plain and bought two different kinds of apples: green apples to make a pie (which I will do in a few minutes), and some softer apples for apple butter. The lady at the stand told me I could cut and core the apples and put them in my Crock Pot overnight and I’d have apple butter in the morning, pending using the blender on it. I have memories of my mom using a wood stove for two days to make apple butter, so this sounded promising. It worked! I have half a Crock Pot full of lovely apple butter, which I will can and give as Christmas gifts, perhaps. 🙂 If you are very, very nice. 🙂

We had a mother bird build a nest in one of my hanging plants in May, and a few weeks after the eggs hatched, the babies suddenly disappeared. I didn’t see any blood or feathers, so I assumed they had flown away, although their feathers hadn’t quite developed yet. Well, the parents came back in July for a second installment and this week we had three squawking baby birds once again. Kent and I were on the beanbag in the living room on Wednesday and suddenly a hawk landed on our railing. I couldn’t quite see, and when I moved to look, he flew away. We checked the nest and there was only one traumatized baby bird left. Again, no blood or anything, but I guess we know what happened to the earlier batch. 😦 We moved the plant closer to the house, and so far, Baby is still with us.

Kent had to wipe my hard drive yesterday and now I’m working on putting everything back on it. :S Kind of a pain.

I may have a job! Tuesday night I checked my voice mail and one of the schools I interviewed at in July had called to “welcome” me to the school. I will go in on Monday to hash out details, but this may be the end of my search! It was the last school I thought would hire me, though, because in the interview the principal gave me a hard time about being white with not a lot of Black or Hispanic friends and I felt like I was having to defend myself. I guess I did all right, though, if they’re offering me the job! We’ll see!

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A biscornu I stitched for an exchange

Susan’s Autumn Queen I worked on.
Closeup of the part I stitched

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Well, it was a busy weekend. On Friday I cooked all afternoon and evening. I made a triple recipe of Rosa Marina fruit salad, six loaves of oatmeal bread, and two bags of pita crisps. (I think that’s all). There was a huge pouring rain thunderstorm at about 3AM.

Saturday I took most of the Rosy with me to potluck at church and it was very well received. We went to Bob and Stacy’s for the afternoon and were going to go geocaching, but it was too hot. We stayed for supper and a long hailstorm in the evening. Some of the hail was quite large! After the storm blew over, we set off our Fourth of July fireworks we hadn’t been able to set off at home. That was fun…we had some very long sparklers, smoke bombs, and a green fire fountain. As we were heading home, there was heat lightning inside the clouds, which looked very cool.

Sunday morning I was frantically preparing lunch for the stitching GTG at my house starting at noon. I think I made way too much food. I had decided to do snacky things like veggies and dip, cheese and pita crisps, fruit salad, tomato salad, and pea salad. I also made a frozen raspberry cream pie. We had a good time stitching and talking…it was nice to meet stitchers from the area, and some I’d seen on the BBs face to face! The next one is on my birthday in September…so I’m not sure yet if I’ll go or not.

Monday (National Left-hander’s Day!) I spent stitching on Susan’s UFO RR I’d started on Sunday. Hers was Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen, and I stitched her shoulders and face, and a few odds and ends. Kent and I went for a bike ride and came flying home ahead of another storm, which actually didn’t come until about 11:15, whereupon it POURED and the lightning and thunder were nonstop for about 45 minutes! I couldn’t fall asleep until 3 AM or so because I had “House of the Rising Sun” stuck in my head. Kent had taken his guitar to Val’s house after we came back from our bike ride and played it. So I’m a little sleepy today.

I have an interview on Thursday afternoon for a position in Brooklyn Center teaching elementary music. We’ll see what happens. I’m in the top 5 out of 10 applicants, but still…

I’ll post pics of what I’ve been stitching lately tonight when I get back from Maple Plain.

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Kent and I got back from California on Thursday evening, and I spent Friday running errands and paying bills. Lovely. Today I managed to sleep in till noon, as I didn’t sleep well in California. We had a nice time though; Kent met a great portion of the Hilde line of his family, most of whom not even his mom knew. It was a lot of fun. Then we drove up north a ways to Solvang and Los Olivos area, where Kent’s mom used to spend her summers with the Downs portion of his family. We did some shopping and sunbathing and were pretty much useless for a week. I’m glad to be back in my own bed. I still don’t have a job yet, though, so that’s a worry I’d rather not have hanging over my head. I’m still a bit cranky about it. I’ll write more later. Oh, and by the way, I wasn’t on the I-35W bridge when it collapsed; I was still in CA. But I guess you knew that. I suppose I shouldn’t be too cranky, should I?

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