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Another lovely gem from Writers’ Almanac.  This one reminded me of all the different times I see something small, stark, or swift — unexpected, nearly unseen beauty — and would have missed it except for…you name the circumstance.

I hope I remember to look at the world around me and not push by in a daze, so busy to get to my destination that I miss the journey.  To live my days conscious of life’s goodness and not to “disappear” into the end of my life with only a narrow vision.

River (click to listen)

by Pat Schneider

A delicate fuzz of fog
like mold, or moss,
all across the river
in this early light.
Another day, I might
have still been sleeping.

What a pity. How the stars
and seas and rivers
in their fragile lace of fog
go on without us
morning after morning,
year after year.
And we disappear.

“River” by Pat Schneider, from Another River: New and Selected Poems. © Amherst Writers & Artists Press, 2005. Reprinted with permission.


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