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A lot of people are worried about fossil fuel consumption and energy-efficient thises and thats.  Not enough people, in my opinion, and not enough lifestyle changes.  Unfortunately for most people I know who buy free-trade, organically-grown limited-processing food, they are wasting their time trying to save the planet if they are not vegetarians.

Raising beef for food takes many times the amount of energy, water, and land that raising grain for food takes.  Here are some charts from MichaelBlueJay’s site that show at a glance the differences.


Calories of fossil fuel used to make 1 calorie of protein for various foods


Gallons of water required to produce one pound of various foods


Number of people whose caloric needs can be met on 2.5 acres of land for the following foods

Ok, so what?  Resources are limited, as we all are being told all the time.  Why suck up more than your fair share eating meat (which is unhealthy as well) when many people in the world are starving?  We have a responsibility to the current population of the planet, as well as to future generations.  If eating less or no meat will help hoard our precious resources, then why not cut back or go vegetarian?  It will definitely make a difference and may change your life!

Sources and Resources


Diet for a Small Planet – Frances Moore Lappe

Diet for a New America – John Robbins

Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture – Jeremy Rifkin

Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat – Howard F. Lyman

Websites and Web Articles














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I have a complaint…

no, really!

Anything wrong with this picture?


How about this one?



How about this??

dscn2800Yes, that’s right.  It snowed all day yesterday — at least an inch, if not more — and the leaves are still GREEN!  What is going on??  I think I’ve missed fall!  Shouldn’t have taken that nap on Sunday afternoon!

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Well, peach, actually.  I still have some of those yummy peaches, all cut up and waiting to be loved.  So, since Smitten Kitchen’s Nectarine Galette has me hyperventilating, I thought I’d give it a try.

I mixed up the dough and let it chill in the fridge (yes, while the Artisan Bread dough was rising on the table.  I multitask all the time!).

cold galette dough

I rolled out the dough on my new silicone mat (small plug for Pampered Chef) and transferred it to a baking sheet to cool again.

My Matgalette dough rolled outmore dough rolled outIt was a little large for the sheet pan, but we managed nicely (the dough and I, that is).

After it cooled the second time, I put ground almonds, sugar, and peaches in the center, turned the edges over the fruit, and baked it nicely.

baked galetteIt didn’t make it more than a couple of hours, between Kent and me!

But the apple butter I had in my CrockPot at the same time is still in the freezer for Christmas presents 🙂

apple butter beginningsapple butterIt looks a little scary, but it’s REALLY GOOD!

Author’s Note: This post was written September 10 and sat languishing, waiting for photos to be uploaded.  The galette is long gone.

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