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Today, technically the first day of my fall break, I went to school.  This is the first time I’ve actually gone to school on a break.  I’m supposed to be “sharpening my saw” — Habit #7 from the 7 Habits, but the custodian said he’d be at the school from 12-4, so off I went.

This may require some explanation.  I have complained long and loudly about TUSD’s habit of giving teachers only three days to get ready for the first day of school, and then taking half or more of those first days up with required meetings, trainings, what have you.  I worked very hard during summer school to get a lot of things organized, and so was not…completely…lost these first two months.  Last year; wow.  We won’t talk about last year.

I’ve enlisted the help of students after school (you can Tom Sawyer them at this age), and even come in on an odd weekend day, but the organization was not in place, and I keep making piles of papers.

I finally got to the bottom of the pile of things to be filed.  Not everything is filed, but I know where everything is and will be able to file it, little by little, over the next week after school (I hope).

My core library was leveled before school started, but I still have not gotten to that.  I would much rather have piles of books around than piles of papers, however, so I will continue to work on that as time allows.


not this bad, I promise!

I brought home “teacher crafty” things to do this week (I’m NOT going back in again, so I did a lot of laminating today), and everything I might need for “Fall” centers.  Haven’t touched Halloween yet, and I may only have a couple of things on the day itself, rather than a couple weeks of spooky activities.

The fun thing about teaching elementary is the chance to be creative with assignments, to make centers that fit a theme while still aligning with current standards.  The tough thing about teaching elementary is to keep up with making the centers fun and cute, while not tearing one’s hair out.  I try to keep an even keel between the two, because I am short on time (especially now that after-school tutoring has started).  So some of my centers are not cute and some are.  We try our best.

And sometimes, sharpening the saw means having things ready to walk in on the Monday after a break, so I can sleep Sunday night.



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“…my thoughts are scattered and they’re  cloudy.

They have no borders, no boundaries. 

They echo and they swell,

From Tolstoy to Tinkerbell,

Down from Berkeley to Carmel…”

Cloudy” by Paul Simon


I have a lot of things on my mind today — not unusual for me, but normally they’re all about school.  Tonight is my first night of fall break and my mind is all over the place.  Mostly, they’re topics worth exploring (says me), so I feel like I should write them down and come back to them later.  This is why my blog is named what it is!

A by no means exhaustive list:

  • women’s ordination (still a biggie, and more things coming to light)
  • the election of course — no clue whom to vote for
  • organizing my crafting supplies
  • what I still have to do at school (yes, during break)
  • what I want to cook for our friends who come to visit from MN on Tuesday
  • what I should play for my next (infrequent) church service — infrequent in playing the organ, not in attending — don’t get me started on church music!
  • grades and grading and the testing culture
  • why the above grade issues really have nothing to do with teaching and more to do with parenting
  • the going-out-of-business sale at the piano store in town (and whether I should even bother going there since I can’t afford anything I’d like)
  • what I want to cross-stitch
  • the cross-stitch stand I’d like
  • what kitchen tools are broken and need replacing
  • why I feel like I HAVE to cook (is it creativity, relaxation, food snobbery, or all three?)
  • whether my constant exhaustion after work is due to not sleeping or shows I’m more introverted than I thought I was
  • what that weird beeping is in the car and why a “smart” car has so many stupid features
  • whether I should exercise or stitch tomorrow — not sure I can do both — should I try?
  • what to do for the Christmas concert I want to organize
  • whether I should quit teaching, just as I feel like I might be getting a handle on it, and start a bakery
  • how to organize my schedule and centers at school
  • why my district is still recommending a basal reader
  • what to do with all my music, since it’s in boxes in the guest room and I have nowhere real to put it
  • how to use my time most wisely this weekend to get both cooking and cleaning done, as well as some school-related work
  • the hurricane on the East Coast
  • whether to try to start 101 things in 1001 days again or not (probably not…)

Most of what’s been on my mind this evening is revolving around the continually-evolving women’s ordination issue that’s gained a lot of “airtime” among Seventh-day Adventists this last week.  And then having gotten on Facebook to see if I could find a particular quote I thought might be helpful to link to in my previous post on this issue, I see a particular presidential candidate all over the news for a recorded conversation in which he seems to be bragging about sexually assaulting random women.  That brings to my mind a whole other list of political topics, like sexual assault and harassment, gun control, the Wall, Obamacare, refugees, what (ON EARTH) to do about the whole cops-shooting people-shooting cops mess, power-hungry people trying to control others (that’s both church and secular politics), and…maybe I should just go to sleep, shut my mind off, and let everything gel.

It’s not that I have no opinions, it’s that I have too many tonight.


“…my mind’s distracted and diffused; my thoughts are many miles away…”

Kathy’s Song” by Paul Simon


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