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Tea bathing

So evidently the ancient Middle-Easterners weren’t the only ones to bathe in odd (to us) fluids.  They, as I’ve read in various places, bathed in camel urinemilk, oil and ashes, or just didn’t wash at all.


In our (relatively) clean modern times, we bathe or shower at least once a day, use smelly soaps and body washes, put on deodorant, and basically try to eradicate our own smell.  Supposedly if we didn’t wash *at all*, after a month our own bacteria would neutralize any body odor. Not going to try it.

But some trends might be worth considering.  In Japan, there’s evidently a spa that lets people bathe in wine, coffee, sake, ramen broth, or green tea.  Not sure what I think of ramen broth, wine, or coffee, though I might be willing to try a chocolate massage.  Green tea would be nice to relax in, I think, although the thought of how many people came before me would deter me from drinking.


My computer, on the other hand (or mouse), has no such compunctions.  In attempting to save myself from my sinking desk chair, I knocked over my tea onto my keyboard last night.  Fortunately, my lesson plans had just been finished and turned in, and no sparks greeted the advent of the tea to my laptop’s innards.

Tonight, it appears that the bathing trend agrees with my laptop.  I will endeavor, however, not to allow my computer the decadence of bathing in anything else (or indeed, any more tea).

One must uphold standards — we might be sending out for camel urine next…


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2014-04-27 12.39.51

Sitting here getting ready to do lesson plans for the week before I go play for a funeral.  It’s pouring rain and intermittently thundering, so I’ve unplugged my computer.  I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me — about how I’ve felt every morning for the last two weeks.  I am very tired of being sick.

I laid in bed listening to the rain (I didn’t have to play for church this morning, fortunately) and trying to go back to sleep.  I finally got up and proceeded to bite my husband’s head off when he asked what time the funeral was today.  I apologized soon after, but I’m still feeling sad about it — maybe more guilty because of what he did later.

I apologized while we were eating breakfast and got a hug and a kiss.  After I showered I was feeling more human (don’t you just wish you could stay in the shower when you’re sick?) and I was sitting at my computer trying to start my lesson plans (no, not done yet) and felt a blanket settle around my shoulders. My husband set a lighted candle on my desk and kept pottering around at his desk.  I asked him why he was being nice to me since I’d snapped at him.

He said, “Because I know you’re trying to be good but you don’t feel good.”

Another hug and a kiss on my unhappy head, and he kept doing his thing.  I went to make tea and saw my new cup I got yesterday at the (in)RLMN meetup.

2014-04-27 12.50.47

“Created to be lovely”.

I initially picked that cup because I usually feel anything but lovely.  Except when my husband tells me so.  And then I realized I’d been anything but lovely to him.  He’s got his own set of stress and isn’t feeling top-notch either, but I’d been whining around about how bad I felt and biting him (metaphorically), and hadn’t even asked how he was feeling this morning.

So I’m drinking tea out of this cup and hoping I can ingest a little loveliness of spirit along with the jasmine white…

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“something beginning with T”

I usually call this ‘my tea thing’ so that counts, right?

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This was my brother David’s gift to us this year — an iron teapot and two cups. 🙂  The nutcase candle is mine.

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little bit of joy


“joy is: _____________”

A cup of tea and a couple fresh cookies…one made by a friend and mailed with LOVE .  And time to sit and enjoy…

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I just wanted to post a couple pictures of a couple of my favorite Christmas presents.  I’m not really bragging, but a little.  Oh well. 😀

Dovos shears -- left-handed 🙂

tea kettle -- doesn't it look a wee bit steampunk??

glass teapot

The above three Kent got me, with no assistance from wishlists of any kind, I might add! 🙂

blue heather cardigan

blue snowflake hat -- with ear flaps! 🙂

The sweater and hat are from my mom, who also gave me snowshoes!!  I opened them before Christmas, though.


handmade socks! 🙂

Dorothy, who knitted me mittens last year, knitted Kent and me each a pair of socks! 🙂  Not sure where Kent’s pair is, but it’s lighter blue than mine. 🙂

evergreen diffuser -- smells like L'Occitane Winter Forest 🙂

One of my piano students’ parents got me this diffuser, which smells almost exactly like the one I was wishing someone would get me! 🙂


Red Canna

Bella Donna

Andrea gave us several art prints; these three were my favorites.  A Rabbit, because, well, if you know you know. 🙂 And several Georgia O’Keefe, who hasn’t been an artist I’ve liked, but evidently I hadn’t seen the right prints.  The two above are my favorites, but they’re all lovely.  Sorry it’s hard to see through the plastic.

The next four things aren’t presents *from* anyone; they’re things I got myself in the Christmas season.

happy candle #1

happy candle #2
fern glass platter
VS Fair Isle sweater — I had a coupon 🙂

I’ve always loved trees and snow (Kent can tell you), so the candles and platter were a no-brainer…and I’ve been looking for a Fair Isle sweater that I liked for a while, so when I had a coupon and went looking on the VS website, I snatched it up quickly!


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