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This is a small, unsponsored plug for my new favorite ice cream flavor.*

If you have been so unfortunate as not to grow up where maple syrup is de rigeur, allow me to inform you: Aunt Whoever’s corn syrup  is Not Appropriate.  I decided that a long time before I’d actually tasted the real deal; just didn’t like the taste of the “maple flavored” stuff.

Then someone gave us maple syrup for Christmas (cue harp music and butterflies swirling in glitter).  My snooty taste buds were vindicated!  When my husband (snooty taster extraordinaire) told me to put maple syrup on vanilla ice cream…Well.

Time to one-up the man.


Those delicious carrot-maple cupcakes? Perfect with a smidge (or more) of maple syrup ice cream!  I may or may not have had more ice cream than strictly recommended for someone fighting a sore throat…but oh, it goes down smooooooth.

*unsponsored, but I accept freebies and coupons!


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