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Peaches in October — an oddity, unless one lives in Arizona.  Unfortunately, these peaches were nearly on their last legs when I bought them from the grocery store (except for the overpriced ones I got at the orchard, which were green and never ripened).  The fruit flies began an attack, and soon I had dead and dying peaches littering my counters.


Operation Peach Rescue began with triage.  I enlisted the help of an experienced peach surgeon, one Andrea (my MIL), who bravely peeled the best ones, although there were mutterings of “hard rubber” and “not worth your time”.  Those peaches got turned into jam.


Eight jars of peach chai jam and eleven of peach maple, and I tackled the ones that were…more wounded.  I constructed three different peach cakes, all of which went into the oven as a battalion.


Far left: peach pecan


Far right: peach lemon ginger


Center: peach pistachio


All cakes are in the freezer awaiting a some-day party, and the hordes of fruit flies are very nearly vanquished, only lacking a few stragglers.

I wanted to make a peach almond, but it required the springform pan as well, so I didn’t.  I may yet, as I still have about 15 cups of cut-up peaches (this is after several small peach crisps had been manufactured and eaten over the weekend).

However, Operation Peach Rescue is (mostly) completed.  Stay tuned for updates on the remmnant, which may involve another cake, as well as a few muffins.

General Kristensen and aide-de-camp Andrea, signing off.



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So this weekend I had great plans.  It is Kent’s birthday weekend, and I planned several nice meals, a special dessert, hiking, and general happiness.

The happiness happened, the meals and dessert did too, but not in in the way I envisioned…as usual.

Thursday I realized I was coming down with the creeping crud, and decided to call out sick on Friday because I couldn’t think about talking with the way my throat felt.  Unfortunately, it still feels like that and I don’t want to call out sick tomorrow.  So…hopefully I can get through that! (teacher gripe: it’s more work to prepare for a sub than it is to just soldier on through the day.)

I was able to get some at-home things done on Friday, though I tried to sleep as much as possible to kick the bug.  I tried to make pizza dough, but my usual luck with any yeast dough presented itself, and a recipe meant to make two 9×13 size crusts made one.  It was still tasty though!

Since I was sick, I couldn’t lead the song service at church on Saturday as I was scheduled, so I asked someone else to do it.  Then the pianist texted me and said she wasn’t feeling good so could I play?  I said yes.  My throat hurts, not my hands.

I woke up early on Sabbath (I can’t manage to sleep in! 4:30, really??) and made blueberry lemon scones for breakfast.  Off to church to practice, where we spent about twice the amount of time at church practicing that we normally do.  I ended up eating breakfast during small group Bible study.  Sigh.  Uncouth much?

I realized at some point in the morning that I’d forgotten to put the tomatoes and onions in the oven for lunch.  I also had forgotten my music at home, but luckily realized that before Kent left the house too.  After the service, and choir practice, I was feeling pretty rotten, so I sent Kent off to eat Ethiopian food with some friends and I went home to try to sleep.

I didn’t really sleep, but got up later and made carrot cupcakes with maple frosting, cleaned the house, and got ready for friends to come over.  We were not only celebrating Kent’s birthday, but also our house in MN closing on Friday, so double whammy.  Only one couple came over (and Kent’s mom, of course), which was fine, considering how crummy I was feeling, but the cupcakes and conversation were great!


Today I woke up later, thanks to NyQuil, and had a bit of a lazy morning with some books on my phone (yes, I know.  I have real books too).  Friends came over midafternoon who hadn’t been able to make it Saturday night, and we had more cupcakes and conversation.

I was supposed to start the SuperSister #leanhalloween Saturday, but I guess I’ll be starting Monday.  Since my weekend didn’t go as planned…I suppose it was nice enough, though.  And my house is clean, which is a plus!

Not sure how I’m going to make it through tomorrow with a voice though.

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