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Supper tonight.

Chicken enchiladas (with Gardein chik’n) and calabacitas.  I’d planned to make these before our company came a week ago, so no problem, right?


Enchiladas, in a manner quite peculiar to themselves, require enchilada sauce.  Surprising, I admit, but there it is.

I did not remember to buy enchilada sauce.  I confess.  Also, I did not get the half-and-half for the calabacitas, nor yet the Anaheim pepper I like to use instead of green.

We continue to the tale.


Two cans of tomato puree, a half packet of taco seasoning, white pepper (enough to make me sneeze), dried cilantro, dehydrated garlic, and a bit of salt =/not = enchilada sauce.  It didn’t taste Italian, so I think that passes.

The calabacitas though…I had a small can of chopped jalapenos and put that in in place of the missing anaheim pepper.  Anaheim peppers are not really hot.  Why I always forget that jalapenos are, I will never know.

I put in some cream and almond milk in place of the half-and-half, and plenty of cheese.  I tasted the calabacitas.  Oops.

In order to eat them, I required large dollops of sour cream.  Still made my nose run and my stomach hot (I’m not THAT bad, stop laughing!).  So I, of course, had recourse to a small bowl of chocolate brownie ice cream.

All better. *bliss*


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I had a hankering for baked beans and brown bread the other week, so I stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some Jacob’s Cattle beans, which according to John Gould in his book The House that Jacob Built (a book I love dearly), are the only beans to use for baked beans.  He also says to use a well-seasoned bean pot on a wood stove, and to put in salt pork (or bacon), but I had to adjust a little.  I used a crockpot and some G. Washington broth.  And a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker, Maple Baked Beans.

The beans turned out really thick and juicy, although if I do it again, I will put in more beans per broth.  Then I needed to find the brown bread.  I remembered buying brown bread here somewhere, but since this is the Midwest, it’s easier to buy lefse in the grocery store than New England brown bread!  I thought about making some, but I didn’t have any cans.  So I started looking online to see if I could find out where it was sold.  I found some on Amazon I could have gotten with free 2-day shipping (yay Amazon Prime!), but I wanted it NOW.  I finally found some at Lund’s, which is five minutes from my house, and I ran and bought four cans, although they were the kind with raisins…aaah, it’s ok.  And yes, the B&M company is based right in Portland, ME — a little taste of Downeast Home! 🙂

So today for lunch I sat down with some maple baked beans, brown bread, and steamed broccoli with salt and single-source olive oil from Spain….Ahhhh, bliss. 🙂 Who needs turkey?

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A lot of people are worried about fossil fuel consumption and energy-efficient thises and thats.  Not enough people, in my opinion, and not enough lifestyle changes.  Unfortunately for most people I know who buy free-trade, organically-grown limited-processing food, they are wasting their time trying to save the planet if they are not vegetarians.

Raising beef for food takes many times the amount of energy, water, and land that raising grain for food takes.  Here are some charts from MichaelBlueJay’s site that show at a glance the differences.


Calories of fossil fuel used to make 1 calorie of protein for various foods


Gallons of water required to produce one pound of various foods


Number of people whose caloric needs can be met on 2.5 acres of land for the following foods

Ok, so what?  Resources are limited, as we all are being told all the time.  Why suck up more than your fair share eating meat (which is unhealthy as well) when many people in the world are starving?  We have a responsibility to the current population of the planet, as well as to future generations.  If eating less or no meat will help hoard our precious resources, then why not cut back or go vegetarian?  It will definitely make a difference and may change your life!

Sources and Resources


Diet for a Small Planet – Frances Moore Lappe

Diet for a New America – John Robbins

Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture – Jeremy Rifkin

Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat – Howard F. Lyman

Websites and Web Articles













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