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So my school is doing something to boost attendance, and every month the 3-5 class that has the best attendance gets to do a scooter race. My class won for September (there’s only 10 of us, so it wasn’t TOO hard…).  Here’s a few pics and videos from yesterday’s race.  You can hear me cheering; one of my kiddos was using my camera since he couldn’t race.



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one reward of teaching

beginning band

is helping them learn enough

so that one day i turn and see

a black boy

a white girl

an Asian girl

who taught themselves how to play

“Lift Every Voice”

and their smiles are exactly the same

as mine

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i don’t feel like i’ve impacted

anyone’s life.

what am i there for?

“to teach is to touch lives forever”

but somehow i lose sight

in daily discipline

tests, projects, explanations


and all they want to do is

get out and play

and i stand

in an empty room


i meant to teach you

about life”

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