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February 2010 I posted a rather mysterious post about a quilt that was to be crafted for a mysterious recipient (or two).  I have now begun to cut the fabric. 🙂  It will be a queen-sized bargello duvet cover that is the favorite colors of my brother and his wife, now married about a year and a half.  (Hey, what can I say?  I had to finish a masters first!) 🙂

this is the pattern

this is the pattern

Since I’m in Maine now for the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I thought I would start actually cutting the fabric.  Yes. 🙂  No comments from the peanut gallery.

Here it is spread out on my mom’s dining room table:



Six greens, six oranges, and various background and edging fabrics.

Here are the greens close up:



It was actually pretty difficult to get the six greens — green fabric can easily go to blue or olive in a light-to-dark sequence.  The oranges were easier.

Here are the orange fabrics close up:



Here are the background fabrics and bindings:



I didn’t take a picture of the batik I have for the back, but it’s quite nice. 🙂

I guess I need to get on the cutting out!


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next project

As if I didn’t have enough projects to work on, I’m planning on starting a quilt.  It will be a queen-sized bargello, with a green and orange color scheme.  Don’t know who that might be for 😉 (and don’t say anything if you know!)

Here’s some pictures — I had about 20 quilting books I just had to turn back to the library, but I think I found a pattern to start with.  It’s not the right size, so I’ll have to get Kent to help me add inches.  But it’s a layout like what I was seeing in my mind’s eye.  I’ve never done quilted bargello, and only once done stitched bargello.  I love it, but this will be a learning process.

I think I’ll do the colors running from pale peach/apricots, to burnt orange, and pale greens to dark forest greens, with a splash of white here and there (no yellow, though).  I thought a good name might be Autumn Fireflies, in reference to the original pattern and the color scheme.

This one has no green, but I love the fire-look of those deep colors!  I’d like to get a series like that for the orange.

This one has nothing to do with the project, but I thought it looked cool.  It’s called either Raven or Blackbird — can’t remember which.

This one is called Hawk.  I think it looks like a hawk at sunrise. 🙂  Also nothing to do with the project.

Anyway.  I have to tinker with the size before I start shopping for fabric.  And I should probably get rid of some of the projects clogging up the closet before I do this.  But it’s in the works. 🙂

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swathed in colors

draped in fabric

labyrinths of stitches

endless bits of cloth

love in every pinprick

and aching muscle


colors dim

fabric frays

stitches stray

fragments fumble

pins scatter

muscles rebel


furl the colors

fold the fabric

tie off the threads

gather the remnants

tuck the pins

slacken the muscles


colors at half-mast

fabric a shroud

thread is snapped

scraps are torn

love is empty

body at rest


glimpse the colors

fondle the fabric

wind up the thread

shake out the quilt

wrap up in love




In Memory of Ellen Marston (1916-2011), neighbor, fellow quilter, and friend .

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I came home from playing for church and teaching piano lessons very tired, since we’d been up very late the last two nights, and I had to get up early both mornings (too much fun!).  Kent was out on the deck soaking up the sun, since it was 70 degrees and is supposed to rain next week.  I grabbed my ipod and camp pad and joined him.  After a few hours, having been slathered with olive oil, I came in, only to find that I was pink in odd patches…not an overall burn, but weird patches here and there.  Not sure why that was, but it will fade by tomorrow.

While on my way to my last piano lessons, I saw my first egret of the season!  I love driving by one of the many marshlands and seeing the white egrets against the green of the cattails.  It’s my favorite thing all summer, so it was really great to see my first one this year.  I’ve been seeing bald eagles too, but they’re not as beautiful (to me) as the pure white egrets.

I didn’t take the picture, but that’s what I love to see!  So pretty.  I have an idea of a quilt someday, if I work it out right, that has an egret poised in front of the reeds with blue water spreading out in front of him.  I just don’t want it to look chintzy, but to really show the beauty of the colors.

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