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Tea bathing

So evidently the ancient Middle-Easterners weren’t the only ones to bathe in odd (to us) fluids.  They, as I’ve read in various places, bathed in camel urinemilk, oil and ashes, or just didn’t wash at all.


In our (relatively) clean modern times, we bathe or shower at least once a day, use smelly soaps and body washes, put on deodorant, and basically try to eradicate our own smell.  Supposedly if we didn’t wash *at all*, after a month our own bacteria would neutralize any body odor. Not going to try it.

But some trends might be worth considering.  In Japan, there’s evidently a spa that lets people bathe in wine, coffee, sake, ramen broth, or green tea.  Not sure what I think of ramen broth, wine, or coffee, though I might be willing to try a chocolate massage.  Green tea would be nice to relax in, I think, although the thought of how many people came before me would deter me from drinking.


My computer, on the other hand (or mouse), has no such compunctions.  In attempting to save myself from my sinking desk chair, I knocked over my tea onto my keyboard last night.  Fortunately, my lesson plans had just been finished and turned in, and no sparks greeted the advent of the tea to my laptop’s innards.

Tonight, it appears that the bathing trend agrees with my laptop.  I will endeavor, however, not to allow my computer the decadence of bathing in anything else (or indeed, any more tea).

One must uphold standards — we might be sending out for camel urine next…


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The vet’s sign near our house.

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Looking at bus schedules from our house to the U for Kent.  It would be nice if the light rail were working, but oh well.  Not till 2014.

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Slightly out of focus because I didn’t use flash, but I like the colors of the picture better than the super-bright flash…as below:


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something green


“something green”

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I love this!  “Green” design on a couple levels.  I wonder if it is cooler in there — or if it would be warmer in winter (if it were in a place that had winter — I am well aware Thailand does not).

Evidently this temple was built from glass bottles the monks collected over time — since 1984 and counting — along with several other buildings.  At last count the number of bottles was over 1.5 million.  Something truly lovely made out of trash.

I wonder — no processing fees, just patience.  How much might this save over our regular approach to recycling?

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