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I’ve let myself slip over the last six months.  I fell down the stairs at work the first weekend of September, and as soon as I was just feeling like I could get back to my exercise, I had a car accident (mid-October, not my fault) and the subsequent back issues didn’t begin to clear up till Christmas break.  I got a new job (finally!) teaching fourth grade at an inner-city Catholic school — this started two weeks before Christmas break, so with everything, I’m just getting to where I’m feeling caught up with everything there and able to spend some extra time catching up at home.  This includes (unfortunately) diet, exercise, house cleaning, and personal devotions.  Yes, I’ve gained weight since October 6, when I had actually dipped below the 140 mark. 😦

Grades were due for midterms yesterday, so I’m not only caught up on classroom organization, but my grading is not a large pile glaring at me. Just this last week’s worth and a couple tests I had to wait for students to finish.  Plenty, yes, but I should be able to spend time tomorrow doing something else other than either grading or stalling getting started. 🙂

I decided, since the grading is done and Ash Wednesday is this week, I’d start my Lent discipline early — today.  My church doesn’t celebrate Lent, but for the past few years I have used it as a time to discipline myself either with my diet or in my spiritual life.  I’m feeling flabby, both physically and spiritually, so I’m going to try to do both this time.

Starting today, I will:

  • Track my food
  • Exercise at least to 10K steps daily — try to do more on the days I can get to the gym
  • Have personal devotions
  • Keep up with my grading!

I’d like to blog a few times a week too, but I know how that goes, and exercising and planning meals takes a lot of time!  So I will try, but no promises.

In looking for images for Lent, I came across one that pretty well sums up what I think it’s for:

lentmmcIt reminds me of the verse in Psalm 1 about the righteous person — “a tree planted by streams of water…whatever [he] does prospers.”

Prayerfully, I hope what I am trying to do in these next weeks prospers as well.



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All right.  I’ve been running, as those of you who see my Facebook posts and Mapmyrun posts know.  I haven’t been losing any weight, however.  It’s a little annoying.  Maybe I am eating more to compensate? Maybe running twice or three times a week (I haven’t managed to be very consistent) and nothing else isn’t enough?  I know I need to do yoga or other strength training too, only I never seem to manage to do it.  The holidays are coming up and I’m a little afraid.  Last year I was at the same weight and gained 6# over the holidays — then lost them (and a few more) by summer and gained them all right back during the summer classes I took.  I managed to get the 6# off again (to my current weight), but haven’t really budged more than two pounds in either direction for the last two months, despite semi-regular running.  As I said.

So one of my FB friends posted this challenge — a Skinny Snowman challenge.  I do better with some support or incentive, so I’m going to take this challenge.  Starting Sunday the 25th, I’m going to try to maintain, or even lose, during the holidays!  That means, for me, since I already eat pretty healthfully, I will need to plan my meals better, do some strength training, and step it up on the cardio (time to actually *try* to get those 10K steps on my FitBit!).

Anyone want to join me?  You don’t have to lose, just maintain, but maybe it will help you feel less sluggish when Dec. 31 rolls around and you realize it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions you just spent a month making more difficult…Here are the rules and point charts!

Anyway, please cheer me on!  I will post at least weekly about this during the next 5 weeks (starting the 25th), and I will need some encouragement — Christmas is my favorite time of year and part of that is the lovely Christmas treats…and I’m going home for a week between Christmas and New Year’s, and my family is all about food, and not much about exercise….See why I’m afraid?  I will definitely need help! 🙂




And just for the record, I weigh 150#.  I am trying to get my weight down to 125 from 179, which it was two years ago now.  Haven’t done too well after the initial weight loss, but still trying!

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