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Tea bathing

So evidently the ancient Middle-Easterners weren’t the only ones to bathe in odd (to us) fluids.  They, as I’ve read in various places, bathed in camel urinemilk, oil and ashes, or just didn’t wash at all.


In our (relatively) clean modern times, we bathe or shower at least once a day, use smelly soaps and body washes, put on deodorant, and basically try to eradicate our own smell.  Supposedly if we didn’t wash *at all*, after a month our own bacteria would neutralize any body odor. Not going to try it.

But some trends might be worth considering.  In Japan, there’s evidently a spa that lets people bathe in wine, coffee, sake, ramen broth, or green tea.  Not sure what I think of ramen broth, wine, or coffee, though I might be willing to try a chocolate massage.  Green tea would be nice to relax in, I think, although the thought of how many people came before me would deter me from drinking.


My computer, on the other hand (or mouse), has no such compunctions.  In attempting to save myself from my sinking desk chair, I knocked over my tea onto my keyboard last night.  Fortunately, my lesson plans had just been finished and turned in, and no sparks greeted the advent of the tea to my laptop’s innards.

Tonight, it appears that the bathing trend agrees with my laptop.  I will endeavor, however, not to allow my computer the decadence of bathing in anything else (or indeed, any more tea).

One must uphold standards — we might be sending out for camel urine next…


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Peaches in October — an oddity, unless one lives in Arizona.  Unfortunately, these peaches were nearly on their last legs when I bought them from the grocery store (except for the overpriced ones I got at the orchard, which were green and never ripened).  The fruit flies began an attack, and soon I had dead and dying peaches littering my counters.


Operation Peach Rescue began with triage.  I enlisted the help of an experienced peach surgeon, one Andrea (my MIL), who bravely peeled the best ones, although there were mutterings of “hard rubber” and “not worth your time”.  Those peaches got turned into jam.


Eight jars of peach chai jam and eleven of peach maple, and I tackled the ones that were…more wounded.  I constructed three different peach cakes, all of which went into the oven as a battalion.


Far left: peach pecan


Far right: peach lemon ginger


Center: peach pistachio


All cakes are in the freezer awaiting a some-day party, and the hordes of fruit flies are very nearly vanquished, only lacking a few stragglers.

I wanted to make a peach almond, but it required the springform pan as well, so I didn’t.  I may yet, as I still have about 15 cups of cut-up peaches (this is after several small peach crisps had been manufactured and eaten over the weekend).

However, Operation Peach Rescue is (mostly) completed.  Stay tuned for updates on the remmnant, which may involve another cake, as well as a few muffins.

General Kristensen and aide-de-camp Andrea, signing off.


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Does anyone want to explain this to me?  I “take some time off” from my diet and exercise goals because I had no time while taking two classes and doing student teaching. I eat whatever crap I feel like at the time.  I lie around because I’m so tired…I don’t sleep properly, don’t drink enough water, fall asleep in the middle of studying because I’m not sleeping enough at night, and then eat a bunch of trail mix to stay awake (note to self: trail mix is for people ON THE TRAIL!).  I gained ten pounds in two months.  Yes, the same ten pounds I gained over the holidays and worked so hard to lose by the beginning of June.  Those.

So. I spend August trying to catch up on sleep, housework, and getting back to healthier habits.  I lose five pounds and start a new diet and exercise regimen.  I’m supposed to spend the month of September observing at an ESL-only high school in St. Paul.  I start observing Thursday the 6th.  Wednesday the 5th is the first choir practice for my organ job.  I am unaccountably nervous about school the next day (why?  I am just sitting observing!) and the song from choir is flying through my head.  I barely sleep (and wake Kent up, but that’s another post), and by 3:30 AM I have a sore throat.

Now I’m sick.

WHY!  Why do I get sick now, after a month of decent sleep, good food habits and exercising at least three times a week?  One night of bad sleep (ok, almost no sleep) and I am sick??  WHAT is up with that?  If I were to get sick, it should have been this summer, not now when I’m actually being healthy, taking my vitamins and all that crap.  This is stupid.

All I can say is, I’m not letting this cold put me off my exercise.  Unless I can’t breathe, I’m doing it!

This isn’t me, but this is how I feel!

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running frantic

arms flailing

eyes fixed on the mounting to-do list

deadlines blurring by

feet fumbling in dismay toward

a rapidly approaching hazy future

until i plop down once

feet jerked out

and i land


in the present

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Sorry I’ve been AWOL lately — been swamped with work and more work…I have posts planned for every day, I just haven’t written them.  I still have lots to say!  Thanks for your patience — this space is under construction! 😉

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Well, for those of you who know me, it’s a short step from bathrooms to books.  🙂 Often not a step at all!

So, continuing from my previous envious glances at people who have way more money for books than I do, here are some more interesting bookcase ideas.

Not sure how this would work in real life, since you’d need either another place to put the books when you sat, or another unit to sit in (or a chair), but it’s a neat idea, and not bad for a dorm room.

Not sure whose bright idea this was but…no.

The above pictures seem to be for people who don’t so much read books as use them for decoration.  Hmpf.

But here’s some people who take books seriously!

And finally… the pièce de résistance!

That is all.

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I saw this website and it made me think.  Not sure what to do about any of it, except to try to help people whose countries are overpopulated for their resources, and reduce my own carbon footprint.  It’s just a little scary — I had it running in the background on my computer today, and in a little over 7 hours 114,000 people have been born, 48,700 people have died, and 25,021,000 tons of CO2 have been emitted.

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