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Does anyone want to explain this to me?  I “take some time off” from my diet and exercise goals because I had no time while taking two classes and doing student teaching. I eat whatever crap I feel like at the time.  I lie around because I’m so tired…I don’t sleep properly, don’t drink enough water, fall asleep in the middle of studying because I’m not sleeping enough at night, and then eat a bunch of trail mix to stay awake (note to self: trail mix is for people ON THE TRAIL!).  I gained ten pounds in two months.  Yes, the same ten pounds I gained over the holidays and worked so hard to lose by the beginning of June.  Those.

So. I spend August trying to catch up on sleep, housework, and getting back to healthier habits.  I lose five pounds and start a new diet and exercise regimen.  I’m supposed to spend the month of September observing at an ESL-only high school in St. Paul.  I start observing Thursday the 6th.  Wednesday the 5th is the first choir practice for my organ job.  I am unaccountably nervous about school the next day (why?  I am just sitting observing!) and the song from choir is flying through my head.  I barely sleep (and wake Kent up, but that’s another post), and by 3:30 AM I have a sore throat.

Now I’m sick.

WHY!  Why do I get sick now, after a month of decent sleep, good food habits and exercising at least three times a week?  One night of bad sleep (ok, almost no sleep) and I am sick??  WHAT is up with that?  If I were to get sick, it should have been this summer, not now when I’m actually being healthy, taking my vitamins and all that crap.  This is stupid.

All I can say is, I’m not letting this cold put me off my exercise.  Unless I can’t breathe, I’m doing it!

This isn’t me, but this is how I feel!


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