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What do you do to entertain yourself when you’re snowed in?

This was one of the PostADay prompts.  Honestly, I’ve never been actually snowed in, but on a snow day, or a day in which it was just better not to go out if not necessary, I always feel like cooking something warm and nice, like soup or cookies (or both!), reading a good book in bed and hearing the snow hiss on the window.  🙂  Back to that hibernation, you see!  Tomorrow is supposed to be super cold (at least tomorrow night is) and I don’t have to go to work until 3 pm.  So I’ll try a “cold” day and see if that’s like a snow day. 🙂

Things I want to get done tomorrow:

Finish the last of the Christmas letters!

Reorganize that shelf in the pantry that looks like a bomb went off.

Read those quilting books I need to return to the library.

Get a Pampered Chef party booked for end of this month or beginning of next.


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